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Jack’s Hard Cider is produced and canned by Hauser Estate Winery just 8 miles west of Historic Gettysburg, Pa. Our cider is produced from apples native to our home, Adams County Pennsylvania.  Featuring our farm fresh flavor, never from concentrate, Jack’s Hard Cider is part of the growing craft cider revolution.

The partially solar-powered, completely under-ground, naturally cool (55 degree) winery & cidery, churns out thousands of gallons of Jack’s Hard Cider per year. Each batch starts as apples skillfully grown and tended to by our farm manager Lee Wagner. Their juice is then carefully crafted by our Cider-maker and is filtered slowly to maintain flavor and a high level of smoothness for which our product has been noted. Jack’s Hard Cider awaits maturity in state of the art stainless steel tanks, and finally is canned on-site.

We are extremely proud of  each variety of Jack’s Hard Cider that we produce.  Our philosophy of only using farm fresh apples, never from concentrate, helps create a great taste experience for cider drinkers.